Double Chocolate Muffin


The fusion of chocolate in the dough and the use of chocolate chips doubles the flavor in this delicious muffin. Perfect for chocolate lovers, the chips add an extra kick to the already intense taste in this pastry. This crumbly snack will leave you wanting more.

Chocolate Chip Muffin

Chocolate chips add a delicious burst of flavor to this sweet muffin treat. Warm and freshly baked, the chips are as soft and crumbly as the pastry itself. A chocolate chip muffin is the perfect snack for any occasion.


Blueberry Muffin


This soft, freshly-baked muffin has been infused with blueberries. The dried fruits give a burst of flavor where they’ve been scattered throughout the dough. Baked to perfection, this scrumptious treat can be eaten all day.